Challenging Fear


What is to be learned with the absence of fear?

Trials and tribulations enable us to grow as individuals. I know that for a fact, and I think you do too. We can choose to push ourselves and gain something from an experience despite being – for lack of a better phrase – ‘paralysed by fear.’

In a course that I have decided to put myself through – Outdoor Adventure Leadership – I have knowingly placed myself outside of my comfort zones, moving to  a different city and away from my family. I know I can grow and I want to. Today we had our first session on rock climbing. Now despite a rather mountainous fear of heights, I achieved the rewarding experience of reaching the top of my two attempted climbs, despite my fear of falling.

See, heights aren’t really the issue… The fear of falling (or basiphobia) is. A plane? No problem, but putting my trust in a harness and a piece of rope with my life does admittedly give me the shakes.  Today I climbed a mountain (which was really a collection of rocks) but it was a step up from cowering away from the edge for fear of tumbling down.

Success is not a smoothly paved path set on a straight line, but a rugged landscape. There will constantly be challenges, objects obstructing your path and it is how you navigate these issues and obstacles that define you. I can choose to stay on the sidelines while I watch others rise to the challenge. Or I can join them in the journey. We all can choose to succeed. I choose to truly experience what this amazing life we have been given has to offer. For those who choose to, take it by the hand… and jump.

To fail is to be human. To never try is an insult to our potential.





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