Wandering Rapunzel: First Step


  1. a person who travels aimlessly; a traveller.




  1. a character from a German fairytale. A girl imprisoned in a tower who lets down her long hair for a rescuer to climb.


Welcome to my blog: Wandering Rapunzel! Here I will write about an abundance of things, if you’ll stay with me. As the name suggests, my intent is to wander and I have travelled a fair bit, though I wouldn’t quite call myself seasoned, though I intend to be. That is, after all, the goal. Much like the second part to my name would have you imagine, I’m a romantic. I lust after age old fairy tales and am enchanted by castles and stories of magic and wonder.

In my travels I aim to seek out the bounteous wonder this planet, our world, already has to offer. I wish to understand different cultures, including those that differ significantly from my own. I want to become aware of my surroundings and Earth’s fragile habitats and what we as a collective, can do to ensure its future health.

As you may have guessed I am interested in conservation and would like to go on various aid work across the world to do what I can to leave behind a better place for the next generation. I think we owe them that.

A willingness to learn and understand, I believe, is vital to moving forward. Admittedly, sometimes I can be close-minded. However, I am working on that. I hope that the more I travel and read that I will become more educated in the ways of the world and its numerous peoples. I hope you join me on my journey of discovery as I plunge into the world around me.






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